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June 3, 2014

I ventured into the back yard this morning.

This may not sound all that daring to you, but it’s kinda damp and icky back there right now.  Lots of dead magnolia leaves.  Lots of weeds.  Lots of sandy spots.  And Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog has surely left some land mines back there, too.

I looked down at the ground and noticed that it almost seemed to be moving with a lot of little bugs jumping around.  I hoped they weren’t some kind of spider.  Then I looked again.

Those weren’t bugs.


They were tiny toads.  So tiny one could sit on the nail bed of my pinky finger and have plenty of room to spare.

Kind of amazing, huh?

I wonder what those little guys eat?  Their mouths are so tiny.  What sort of toad delicacy fits in them?  Not mosquitos, which, by the way, came up in a swarm and nigh ate my face off as I was hacking low limbs off a hickory tree.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that extreme, but it’s been over twelve hours and I’m still itching from Mosquitogeddon.

Toads are rather weird, really.  They’re brown and squat and bumpy, they hop instead of walk or crawl, and if you pick them up they pee on you.  They use a long sticky tongue to dine on bugs.  All in all, pretty gross.

And all in all, pretty spectacular.

God does such incredibly creative work.  Who else would think to make a cool-but-gross critter like a toad?

I sure wouldn’t mind if He backed off on the mosquitoes a bit, though.  There are more than enough for all the new toads of Florida, and then some.

Plus I really want to keep my face.



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  1. June 3, 2014 11:13 pm

    Glad it wasn’t…”some kind of spider.” (The toad is cute!)

    • June 3, 2014 11:15 pm

      You and me both. The neighborhood isn’t ready for that kind of singing and dancing from me!

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