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Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend

June 11, 2014

We all need anchoring thoughts.  You know…the kind that keep you sane and centered and remind you that just because the world goes crazy doesn’t mean you have to get dragged along on the lunatic parade.

You probably already have some.  They might sound something like these:

“If I can just get some coffee…”

“One more hour until I get off work…”

“If I can just make it to Friday…”

“Thirty minutes until I can put them to bed…”

“Just five more pounds and I’ll be at my goal…”

I have an anchoring thought, too.  I whisper it to myself over and over, willing the truth of it to sink deep into me and drive my roots down, down, down so that I can stand in any storm.

God is good.

I know my anchoring thought is true, but I will be the first to admit that I don’t always understand exactly how it works.  Bad things happen in this world.  Nevertheless…God is good.  He is merciful, steadfast, faithful, loving, just, kind, and brilliant.  Even when we’re dancing at the front of the lunatic parade.

When I am tired and over it, You are good.

When I am uncomfortably numb and longing to be comfortably so, You are good.

When I am invisible, You are good.

When I can’t figure it out, You are good.

When I’m free-falling and I know that an abrupt stop is sure to come any moment, You are good.

When I’m too checked out to check out, You are good.

When I’ve lost my words, You are good.

When I have nothing to bring to the table, You are good.

When I am Humpty Dumpty in the flesh, You are good.

No matter what, You are good.

It is this anchoring thought that speaks a path of peace through the chaos, a life preserver thrown into a raging sea of pain and all its friends.  It reminds me that the burden of responsibility for my own goodness was lifted from my shoulders the moment I said yes to Jesus.

That’s a good thing, because let’s be honest here…without Him, I just can’t.

And furthermore…without Him, I just won’t.

He knows this about me and loves me anyway, and never lets me be without Him.

Because He is good.


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