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This is no Hello Kitty bandaid

June 21, 2014

Sometimes it really does seem as if the world has gone stark raving mad.  Ten minutes of watching/listening, or reading the news is enough to make a person wonder if our moral compasses have all lost the ability to find true north.

Then again…the news makes money by exploiting the very worst of humanity.  They’ll exploit “heartwarming” too, if they can find it.  But fear and anger fuel an appetite for more of the addictive sludge they cook up, so it seems to be the default mode.

This is precisely why I limit how much of it I watch/hear/read.

It’s not that I’m playing ostrich.  I’m not pretending the world is all glitter and cake-balls-on-a-stick.  I’m keenly aware that it’s not.

I’m also keenly aware that I carry the Remedy.

There’s no way to make a problem seem overbearingly large and powerful than by giving it a lot of focus and attention. The moment the problem gains momentum in your mind, it starts stomping around in big boots and pooping in the corners. Before long it seems as if it’s impervious to any remedy, and so those who actually hold the keys to fixing the problem have either become too intimidated to try, or they’ve stopped believing the remedy is strong enough to overcome the problem.

I’m not interested in falling into that trap.

The world has been messy since that day in Eden when naughtiness trumped obedience and Adam and Even drew a red card.  We like to believe it’s gotten worse.  In reality, there are just more of us to misbehave in closer proximity to one another, and we’ve got the technology to do it in more spectacular ways, as well as the media to broadcast it so it doesn’t get overlooked. If you don’t believe me, really read the scriptures.  Some of those folks were beyond brutal and lawless.  We’ve got nothing on them.

See, here’s the thing: if you keep finding dark places in the world, then there’s a problem, and it’s not with the world.

We were created to bear light.  Those of us who carry light weren’t meant to carry it out into the sunshine.   A lantern in the afternoon sun has little impact.  But a lantern in a dark room illuminates it.  It transforms it.

And the Remedy we carry is strong enough for anything.  No problem is too big.  No situation too hopeless.  No family too dysfunctional.  No heart too broken.  No room too dark.

The gospel truly is good news.  Jesus changed everything.

And still does.


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