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That pokey bit

June 24, 2014

I don’t know why it is, but it seems like every shirt I own has a tag in the back with a bitey little corner on it.  I fidget and cringe and otherwise wiggle around, trying to rearrange my clothing so that bitey corner doesn’t touch my skin.  And the weird thing is that when I poke around back there, my fingers can’t feel the bitey corner.  But the back of my neck sure can.

It’s super hard to ignore, and very annoying.

I’ve thought of going through my wardrobe and cutting out all the tags in my shirts.  But then I wouldn’t know where the shirt came from or what size it is, and while I guess it shouldn’t matter, for some reason it does.

There’s this other thought that nags at me, too.  You see, it’s the same bitey corner in every shirt.  I feel it in the same place no matter what shirt I’m wearing, no matter where it came from or how it’s designed or what it’s made of.

That means that I’m the common denominator in all of my annoying shirt experiences.

And I have to wonder: is it possible that my shirts have normal tags that are properly sewn in, and it’s actually my neck that is hyper-sensitive?  Maybe I just have a touchy spot.

I mean really…who doesn’t have a touchy spot of some kind?

It’s easy to blame our touchy spots on other things and other people.  After all, we feel just fine until someone or something else pokes our touchy spot.  And then it’s like someone detonated a bomb in our emotions.  Suddenly we feel angry or rejected or depressed or anxious or afraid or whatever negative thing our touchy spot covers.  We feel it, and we feel it BIG.  And it’s highly likely that the poor hapless soul who poked our touchy spot is going to get the full brunt of our Touchy Spot Fury.

Yay for them.

If it’s the back of your neck, by all means, avoid the touchy spot.  But if it’s something in you, then that touchy spot is trying to tell you something.  It wants you to know that you have a hurt place that needs to be healed.  It’s disrupting your life, and it’s making having a relationship with you like walking through a field of buried land mines.

Yes, you.

You can cut all the tags out of your shirts, but you can’t cut the humanness out of your relationships.  Someone’s gonna trounce on your touchy spot.  They probably won’t mean to (or maybe they will), but it will happen.  When it happens, you can detonate and release a furious torrent of your touchy spot emotion.

Or you can consciously, intentionally, and purposefully choose love, which is stronger than touchy spots.

You get to pick.

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  1. Kip permalink
    June 24, 2014 11:47 pm

    Try Hanes.

  2. June 29, 2014 8:49 am

    Great post Lisa! (As always)

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