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Chosen but hardly frozen

July 28, 2014

It rained this afternoon.  I can only assume that the humidity accidentally fell below 130% and so the weather fairies decided a little precipitation was in order, the ornery little rascals.

After the rain shower stopped, I stepped outside to get something from the van in the driveway.  My immediate involuntary response upon feeling the hot damp air hit me was a loud, disgusted “UGH!”

I really hope none of the neighbors were within earshot.

Florida rarely feels comfortable to me.  Between the heat, the humidity, and the bugs, I avoid the outdoors as much as possible.  It’s suffocating.  And itchy.  Air conditioning is my friend.

It reminds me that I shouldn’t be surprised when I discover that life in general on this ball of dirt rarely feels comfortable to me.  That “I don’t belong here” feeling is because I truly don’t belong here.  I was designed for Eden.

War in the Middle East…I don’t belong here.

War in Ukraine…I don’t belong here.

Ebola in Africa…I don’t belong here.

Wildfires in the western states…I don’t belong here.

Sick children, sick adults, people drowning in poverty, abusers and the abused, government scandals…I don’t belong here.

And yet, here I am.

I am light in the darkness.  I am salt for the blandness.  I am hope for the dejected.  I am peace in the chaos.  I am wisdom in the insanity.

I am these things because He is these things, and He is in me.  This is what we bring to the world together.  One person plus God is always the majority.

I won’t always be here, but while I am, I want to be faithful to carry the antidote to the pain of the world wherever it is needed.

It’s probably too much to hope that it’s mostly in air-conditioned places, huh?

Yeah…I thought so.


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