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Six minute Saturday

August 2, 2014

Welcome to Six minute Saturday, which is a total knockoff on Five minute Friday, wherein one blogs for five minutes straight with no surplus of time spent editing or any of that nonsense.  It’s really a way of saying that I don’t have anything, but if I start writing, maybe I’ll come up with something.  You can be the judge.

As I was walking from the parking garage to my workplace today, I passed the playground and fountains, just as I do every work day.  The fountains are actually a water feature meant for play, an area where water jets straight up out of the pavement and little kids run screeching and laughing through the spray.

That is when I saw her.  I’m sure she wasn’t yet three years old, still packing some sweet baby chub in her tiny swimsuit, her dark ringlets bouncing and dripping as she stomped through the wet pavement.

The smile on her face was as wide as she was tall.

This is what is great about the water feature:  you can’t be unhappy there.  You might play hard until you get a case of the tired grumps, but it will be the tired grumps that come from happiness overload in a little body.

Why did they not have these when I was a kid?


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