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Those two little words

August 13, 2014

What if?

Tricksy little phrase, that one is.  Just two words, both of them pretty benign.  Until you put them together and tack on a question mark, that is.

Then they become loaded.

Sometimes they spur creative thought.

What if we painted a forest without using any green?

What if we redesigned the mailbox?

What if we found a way to combine Buckeye Candy with ice cream?

What if we could design a personal studio?

What if there was another color in the visible spectrum?  What would it be and where would it fit?

Those kinds of what ifs are good for a person.

But not all what ifs are so good.

What if I’m disappointed?

What if I’m a disappointment?

What if I don’t fit?

What if nobody wants what I have to offer?

Those kinds of what ifs are hard on the heart.  They don’t spur creativity; they shut it down.  It doesn’t matter who you are…trying to survive with your creativity shut down is the pits. You end up being a shadow of your true self.

And we were made for the light, not the shadow.


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  1. August 14, 2014 8:05 am

    Lisa, it’s not always the things you say that are profound (Oops! Not like that…that sounds harsh!); instead, it’s little flecks of glory…nuances and facets of language that burst with color and high thought. Thank you.

    • August 14, 2014 10:58 am

      Wow…thank you, Michael. I really appreciate that.

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