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Last time around the block

August 18, 2014

Today was a last first for the Sparkette.

It was her first day of her senior year of high school.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking.  She must have been so excited!  I bet she couldn’t wait to get to school and be the big dog on campus!

Well, that would be all well and good if it weren’t for those pesky drama genes that she gets from Mr. Sparky’s side of the family.

Don’t believe me?

This was her response when I told her it was time for her first day of school photo:

No drama here.

No drama here.

She has enjoyed a summer of going to bed late and sleeping in.  Her school bell rings at 7:00am sharp, however, so no more of that.

More coffee, Johnny.

More coffee, Johnny.

She eventually perked up.


Funny girl!

She’s a great kid.  She a good kind of weird, the kind that is smart and quick and curious, the kind that brings a ton of laughter to our house.  She has never once pulled the “I’m too cool to be seen with my parents” card.  She has little interest in misbehaving, and that’s a huge relief to any parent.

The years have flown by, and I’ve no doubt that the coming one will, also.  It’s strange to see the end of this stage of our lives looming before us.  And yet, as our kids have grown into young adults, it’s also exciting to see what sort of people they choose to become, and what they choose to do with their gifts and talents, as well as how they learn to balance their weaknesses, because let’s face it—that’s an important part of life, too.

So…here she goes, just one more trip through the public school system.  She’s off into the world of Digital Design 3 (which I know nothing about) and Trigonometry (which I know nothing about) and U.S. Government, which I know far too much about but it’s probably not the stuff in her textbooks.

It’s going to be a year of lasts for her.

But a year of lasts is necessary in order to launch into a life of firsts.




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  1. Mr. Sparky permalink
    August 19, 2014 4:55 am


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