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Rising tides

August 30, 2014

I stood at the edge of the surf line, watching the waves tumble over themselves and race up towards me, barely brushing the bottoms of my feet before swirling back into the Gulf.  The water was warm, bathtub warm, and the August air was thick and heavy in spite of the cool edge of the evening breeze.

Even though the sun was well on its way to Hawaii and the sky was overcast with an offshore storm lighting up a corner, there was enough light to break through the dimness of the night, and for a few minutes I just stood and took it all in.  I live minutes from the Gulf of Mexico but I rarely visit the beach, being a certified paleface, although evening hours can be very nice.  Good breezes and no risk of sunburn.

The waves roared and crashed.  They never took a break, never decided to pull out to sea and stay there.  Over and over they rushed onto the shoreline, smoothing the sand as they rushed back out again.

And I thought:  This is so like You.

Even in the dim light of the night, the waves are constant.  And they are agents of change for everything they touch: pushing sand up onto the beach, pulling it back out again, shifting the shoreline with every splashing encounter.  Sometimes the power is gentle and restrained, but other times even a small wave can knock you over and leave you coughing and gasping for air.

He is my favorite agent of change.  I love how every encounter rearranges me—sometimes gently, and sometimes bowling me over and leaving me gasping and sputtering.  Even when it’s disconcerting, I know He’s there.  He’s constant.

And that knowledge has been the knot at the end of the fraying rope for many a shipwrecked human.

Including this one.



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  1. September 1, 2014 1:59 am

    Hey! I nominated you for the one lovely blog award..check it out

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