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The biggest yes

September 15, 2014

You know one of the things I like most about God?  He never sits in heaven wringing His hands, afraid to do things because someone might interpret them the wrong way, or might think poorly of Him….even though He’s absolutely free to do those things.

He is who He is, and makes no apologies for it even when others become offended by Him.  He is fully Himself, with no reservations.

He is really, truly free.  He is the most free person I know.

I want to be like that.  I know it’s possible, because Jesus modeled this for us perfectly.

He was fully Himself with others.  He didn’t bow to their demands and expectations, even when His life depended on it.  His heart and mind were set on the goal of pleasing His Father, and He would not be swayed from it.

Even if it offended others.

Even if it disappointed others.

Even if it might get Him killed.

The yes in His heart towards His Father was too strong to entertain saying yes to anything that competed.

I want the yes in my heart to be that strong.

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