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The after-effects of iCrazy

September 18, 2014

I’m writing this late at night.  I know that’s not really any big news; I often write late at night.  But tonight I got waylaid by Apple’s iOS 8.0 update to my iPhone.

I was reminded that there is a reason I don’t usually do major updates without major supervision.

In a nutshell, I lost all but one of my photos from 2014.  I don’t know why it left me with one random photo of a recipe I found in a magazine at the optometrist’s office back in June.  Maybe it’s a sign from God that I really need to make that recipe.  The bigger bummer was that I lost all my more recent photos of the GrandSparks, including those from when GS3 was born.

After doing a little research, I think those photos still exist, but they are lost in some iCloud drive that I didn’t know to say I didn’t want.  I usually say no to everything because I don’t know what any of it is, but this time I guess I didn’t.  And until the update to Yosemite, those photos are in iCloud jail.

Good thing I have them all backed up on my computer and on an external hard drive, huh?

It’s annoying to lose those photos.  But even if they don’t reappear when Yosemite is installed (and I can assure you I will NOT be doing that update myself), they’re really more misplaced than lost.

It’s a first world problem.

My knee is a little achy tonight.  I went to see the Ortho Guy today and he once again poked me with the little tiny pinchy needle so that I wouldn’t feel it when he poked me with the giant needle and aspirated 20ccs of fluid out of my knee joint and then shot another dose of cortisone in.

I already feel somewhat better because the removal of my personal knee water balloon means some of the stiffness has been relieved.  And by the time I go back to work on Saturday my knee will likely be feeling much more normal.  It aches now because, you know, needles jammed in places meant to stay all tidy and enclosed.

But pain with a purpose is always far more bearable than pain that just hurts.

As far as I can tell, that is true of every kind of pain.  Pain of the body, pain of the soul.  It all hurts, it’s all redeemable, but pain with a purpose comes wrapped in hope, and contains a gift that is unwrapped by perseverance.

God never wastes a thing we give Him access to in our lives.

We may judge some things as too trivial, too ugly, too dark, too appalling, too deserved, too unchangeable to be redeemed and used to benefit us and the kingdom of God.  But God never judges them that way.  He can reveal Himself through anything.


Including ouchy knees and misplaced photos.




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