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On the front end of two weeks

September 24, 2014

Lists and piles.  Organizing and before-I-go chores.  Suitcases waiting to be filled with the laundry that’s waiting to be done.

The trip to Brazil with Global Awakening is only a day away.

Two weeks from now I will be on the other end of the trip.  Some things will automatically be different from now.  I will have been to Brazil—my first time in that country, or South America, or the southern hemisphere.  I will have traveled alone internationally.  I will have navigated a culture that doesn’t bother much with English, and I will have tested the language boundaries of all decent Portuguese comprehension by native speakers who may be wondering why that American keeps asking for striped hamster glue.

Interesting stuff, but none of that is why I’m going.

From where I sit now, the questions filter wordlessly through my mind.

What will I see there?

What will God do there?

How will I get to participate in what He’s doing?

Will I hear Him clearly enough?

What does it look like to bring the kingdom of God to the people of Brazil?

What does spiritual hunger look like in the people I’ll meet?

How will this trip change me?

I can’t know any of this ahead of time.  Life simply has to happen.  The story has to unfold.

And I want to be in the mix as it does.




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