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Maybe if you sit on it…

September 25, 2014

My suitcases are open on the bedroom floor, waiting for the final items to be tucked inside and the zippers pulled closed.

Cats do not count as final items.  I just feel the need to make that clear in case Mr. Sparky gets any bright ideas.

I only have a little bit more to do before leaving tomorrow.

I’ve been trying to balance out the weight I have to cart around on this trip.  One suitcase for checking, one carry-on for…well, carrying on, and one fabulous hand-crafted crossbody hobo bag for the stuff I want to keep on hand.

And yet…the most important thing I carry to Brazil isn’t in any of those bags.

Anywhere we carry the Light and the name of Jesus, we’ve just tilted the scales on the baggage allowance.  Infinite love backed by infinite power is a weighty thing.  Thank heavens it’s not measured in pounds or kilos or some planes would never make it off the ground.  Shoot, some people wouldn’t even be able to walk.

I will be part of a prayer ministry team for various meetings and trainings.  I love doing that sort of thing.  It’s seriously one of my favorite things to do…someone walks up with a problem, we talk to Jesus about it and maybe make some spiritual transactions, and then the person walks away restored.  It’s one wild, glorious, holy moment after another as the Holy Spirit works to see that Jesus gets what He paid for:  all His siblings made free and whole to dance before their Father without fear or shame, love flowing freely both ways.

It’s tempting to try to make these spiritual transactions as matters of principle.  And there is a level on which that works, because the One who established those principles is unfailingly faithful.  But some principles are simply that:  principles.  They aren’t rules.  And He doesn’t bind Himself to them simply because we humans have a penchant for rules and step-by-step programs.  He can pull the Sovereign Card and do things pretty much any way He wants.

Frankly, His ways don’t always make sense.

I find that if you’re going to be in the business of brokering spiritual transactions, you’d best tank up on the preferred currency of heaven.


The fractured world is starving for it.  Freedom and wholeness are good as principles, but as the outflow of love they are deeply powerful to change hearts, minds, families, communities, countries.

That is what I really want to carry to Brazil.  I want to go loaded with love and all the hope and power that partner with it.  I want to help reconnect some kids with their Daddy who longs to love them like they never knew they could be loved.

And that just won’t fit in a suitcase.



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  1. September 25, 2014 6:13 am

    Praying for a glorious trip. Praying that every bit of love that you pour out is returned back to you pressed down and overflowing. Praying that you get to see and do all the things your heart desires and more as you take His love to the people in Brazil. Praying the adventure that begins for you in Brazil is only the beginning. Praying His protection over all that belongs to you and all those in your domain. Praying that little match lights the place on fire for Him. Go Sparky, go!!

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