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What the fox says

October 12, 2014

It didn’t seem like much at first.

Monday night on my flight back to the U.S. my throat was a little scratchy and my voice was hoarse.  But nothing awful.  I expected it to blow over in a day or two.

But in a day or two it moved from my throat into my lungs.  My airways began crackling and whistling so loudly upon exhaling that the noise actually kept me awake.

By Friday morning I was coughing my head off and I could feel my eustachian tubes.  It’s never a good thing when you can feel your eustachian tubes.

Rather than risk getting worse over the weekend, I called the family doc and he worked me in that morning.  He figured it was a virus, but gave me a prescription for a Z-pak and some Happy Syrup to help with the cough.  He told me to wait 3-4 days on the Z-pack unless I spiked a fever or got significantly worse.  That was fine with me; I don’t like taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

By Saturday evening it was obvious that I needed to start the Z-pak.  I was aching, chilling, and pushing the upper bounds of 101 degrees.  I could tell you what the fox says because I’m pretty sure I was doing fox calls every time I opened my mouth, and it was like coughing razor blades.

And today?  Today the creeping crud done crept into my sinuses.

I wasn’t planning on bringing much back from Brazil, and I certainly wasn’t planning on this.  But let me make one thing abundantly clear:

It was totally worth it.

I’ve been processing all that happened through a fever-induced haze.  But it won’t be that way forever.  My immune system is getting some steam on it, and that Z-pak is kicking in.  And on the other side of the aches and the barks and the fever sweats, some things will still be true:

Like how I saw a woman get her sight back in her eye.  Like how I saw a man come out of a wheelchair and not only regain the use of his legs, but also his broken mind.  Like how I saw a man with shattered heels do a flying acrobatic flip off of a stage and land on his feet with a bounce and a triumphant smile.  Like how I saw numerous people with frozen shoulders suddenly able to swing their arms with full range of motion, and painful knees suddenly able to kneel and do deep bends.

I saw these things and more, and I can’t unsee them.

This bug wracking my body will be history, but what I saw in Brazil?

That I get to keep.



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  1. October 13, 2014 3:47 pm

    Wow! What wonderful works of the Lord!

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