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To be known

October 16, 2014

The nature of being a blogger is that I write stuff.

How’s that for stating the ever-lovin’ obvious?

But it’s true.  And the nature of this particular blog is that it’s a peek into what’s going on in my brain on any given day, which is why “It’s always time for something!” That means that if you’re paying attention, you can learn a lot about me.  And if you’re not paying attention, you probably still know more about me than you realize.

Probably more than I realize, too.

But knowing about me isn’t the same as knowing me.

That can be a tricky thing.  Because when a person regularly drops intimate thoughts on life, faith, and the abomination called cilantro, you end up feeling like you really know them.

It’s just the nature of how these things work.

I’m probably a better person than you think.  I’m also probably a worse person than you think.  If you really knew me, you’d be both awed and disappointed.  And it would be a totally fair assessment and reaction.

I am a walking contradiction, an introvert with a personal public platform, a work in progress, a broken vessel trying to live in wholeness.

I am dreadfully human.

And so are you.  But I suspect you already knew that.

We humans can be a fickle bunch.  We mean to be trustworthy.  We mean to be upright.  We mean to be safe.  But then some cool commercial comes on the television or someone tells a funny joke on Facebook and we get distracted and drop the ball.

But not God. He’s not like humans.  I always have His intimate attention.  He’s trustworthy, and I’m safe with Him even when I don’t really like what He has to say about something…and even when He doesn’t like what I have to say about something.  He never stops being good.  He never stops being good to me.

He knows me.  And yet, I don’t rely on His sovereign omniscience.  He doesn’t know me just because He can. This is a relationship, and we both get to make choices in how we interact.

So I invite Him to know me more.

He has complete permission to search me, to know my thoughts and the ways of my heart.  To break me. To correct me.  To form me.  To lead me.  To back me into a corner and make me do the hard things.  To melt me with tenderness and compassion I know I don’t deserve.  To make wisecracks that make me laugh at inappropriate times.  To place the tip of His sword against my chest and say “Now…come here.”

Think about it: have you ever considered that God wants to know you in a way that’s deeper than the fact that He already knows everything?

He can crash any party He likes…but He loves nothing more than an invitation for an intimate gathering of two.

Go ahead…dare to be known.




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