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I’ll have fries with that

October 19, 2014

Humans are complicated critters.

We’re a walking myriad of ifs, ands, and buts, all of which can change at any given moment according to the height of the tide in the Azores, the Dow at 1:47pm on Thursdays that fall on dates with even numbers, or how high our socks are on any given day.

That’s assuming we didn’t consume any seafood within the past 24 hours, of course.

Yeah…we’re complicated.

We do things we’re determined not to do.  We don’t do the things we intend to do.  We think we know who we are but then we can’t explain why we make the choices we do.

And then there are emotions.  Joy, grief, anger, jealousy, disappointment…all of them potential tsunamis, suddenly rising up to bowl us over with their intensity.  We’re left wondering where that came from.

Being complicated gives us many facets.  Like a perfectly cut diamond, when we’re clean and clear we can reflect light with dazzling brilliance.  But if we’ve got cloudy spots and cracks and fissures, light gets muddied and our sparkle is dulled.  Our complicated facets magnify what’s inside us.

There are days I’d rather be a simple person.  It seems as if life would be easier.  Maybe it would be.

But without my ifs, ands, and buts I’d lose my me-ness.  And frankly, I’m pretty sure I’d get bored.  I have some pretty interesting neighborhoods in my head, and it would kinda stink if they all got reduced to one blinking traffic light small towns.

So it seems better to embrace the fact that like the rest of this bizarre human race, I am a complicated order.

Go ahead…just try and call security.


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