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October 24, 2014

Sometimes I wonder

what I would find

if I walked to

the edge of the world.

Is it like a cliff

overhanging space,

the kind that makes you

get all squeezey

and pinchy

when you creep

to the edge and peer over

into the vast nothingness?

Or is it actually

more like a slide,

a small drop with a gentle slope

and just being there

makes you want

to sit down

and push off

and throw your hands in the air

and squeal “Wheeee!”

as you zoom into another unknown?

Or perhaps it’s

more like a seashore,

and you climb from the edge

down onto the deck

a great ship

that lifts its sails to the wind and

flies through the cosmos

to visit the bug-eyed

aliens on Planet X.

I really don’t know

what I’d find

nor do I know

how far away

I am from the edge.

Some days

it feels very distant,

but others

I think I must surely be

very close.


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