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Extraordinary isn’t extra

November 1, 2014

There’s little so disappointing to me as getting to the end of a day and realizing that not only did nothing extraordinary happen, but that I forgot to even keep an eye out for it happening.

Life is too short for ho-hum days.

I’ve heard very respectable people teach that ho-hum is normal and that we should expect it as ordinary.  If we don’t, we may fall prey to the mindset that something exciting should be happening all the time, which apparently is a very terrible thing to think.

I used to agree with that, mostly because it matched my experience.

But…if ho-hum is normal, then how do you deal with the Jesus Factor?  Because the kingdom of God is pretty exciting, and Holy Spirit never stops making connections with all the people God loves.  And Holy Spirit is in us.  So if Holy Spirit is in us, making connections with all the people God loves, then that should be pretty exciting, right?  And we should expect the extraordinary to become normal, and normal to stop being ordinary, right?


It’s easy to give lip service to saying we believe in the supernatural power of the kingdom of God.  He heals, He delivers, He transforms, He provides…but how often do we really consider how He does those things? There is a reason scripture refers to believers as the body of Christ.  We are to do the things He was doing before He left the earth.  In fact, Jesus said we’d do even greater things than He did.

When’s the last time you did something greater than Jesus did?

Yeah…me neither.

However, we’re definitely the ones He was talking about.  Not just pastors and evangelists and famous people with a microphone and special gifts.  In fact, there really aren’t very many folks who fall into those categories.  Most of us are just everyday people.  And Jesus is just fine with using us.

But first we need to realize that in order to bring God’s kingdom to earth, we have to adjust our thinking to match how God thinks.

If you’re not sure what God thinks, keep in mind that even when you don’t hear Him giving a direct word to you and you’re not sure what else to do,  love, generosity, mercy, and honor will always apply to any situation at hand.  That’s the sort of Person He is.  You can count on it.

Sometimes it’s a challenge for us to cross “the chicken line”.  It’s a mindset and a skill to develop. But if we won’t act on what we believe, our lives will be indistinguishable from those who don’t believe at all.  And if our belief doesn’t move us to action, you really have to wonder just how solid it is anyway.

I want a life where normal is extraordinary and I routinely see Him get what He paid for on the cross:  life after life, transformed.  Heart after heart, made whole.  Body after body, healed.  Mind after mind, delivered.  Soul after soul, saved.  Something exciting happening all the time, because He is happening all the time.  This is normal Christianity.

There’s nothing boring about that.




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  1. November 1, 2014 12:38 am

    That’s right. There’s always something exciting going on, a miracle happening or love to be given and/or received. Beauty, wonder and excitement is all around us, all the time.

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