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Never alone

November 3, 2014

In the middle of the mess,

in the shadows of the chaos,

the grief,

the anger,

the confusion,

the disappointment,

the rib-shattering pain of living on this side of The Fall,

we would do well to remember that at the end of the day,

Love Wins.

Love dances in the fire with us.

Love catches our tears in a bottle.

Love rejoices and sings over us…

even when we behave as if we were raised by wolves.

Love does not list our wrongs but instead sees us according to seeds of potential too tiny to be detected by human eyes.

Love kisses the boo-boos we cause by our own rebellion.

Love waits on the front step, eager to rush to us the moment we finally turn our hearts towards home.

Love holds us together when we are convinced we’ll surely blow apart.

Love lays down its best to rescue us from our worst.

Love never forgets,

never leaves,

never abandons.

Love has never failed, and it never will.

The day will come when tears dry and anger fades,

confusion melts away and chaos becomes peace.

And we will finally understand fully that Love has a face,

Love has a name,

and Love is our home,




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  1. November 4, 2014 11:13 am

    This is beautiful!!

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