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A little bit louder, now

November 5, 2014
Noisemaker extraordinaire,  May he rest in peace, because nobody else can as long as he's around.

Noisemaker extraordinaire. May he rest in peace, because nobody else could as long as he was around.

Once upon a time we had an obnoxious parakeet.

Pedro was the Far Away Sparkette’s pet.  He was small and he wasn’t tame enough to live outside of his cage, nor was it safe for him to do so because he shared our home with a cat and a couple of greyhounds who liked to catch things (things other than the cat, that is, whom they avoided due to her ten switchblades that she used liberally across their noses).  So mostly Pedro just stayed in his cage and hollered his fool head off.

If there was any noise in the room, Pedro felt the need to compete with it.  Television on?  Get louder.  People talking?  Get louder.  Dishwasher running?  Get louder.  Noise increasing to compensate for higher decibels of parakeet squawk?  Get louder.  He had this thing on lock down.

Did I mention this was an obnoxious parakeet?

On more than one occasion I came home to find the Baton Rouge Sparkette (prior to moving to Baton Rouge) watching the television and Pedro’s cage nowhere to be seen.  That is because she had picked up the entire thing and moved it to the garage, out of earshot.

It was kind of hard to scold her for that.

Sometimes, however, when I think about it, I have a small measure of admiration for that bird.  He was created for noise, and he was not content to play small in any venue. He would not permit his voice to be drowned out.  Anything you could sing, he could sing louder.  He could sing anything louder than you.

And he never once said he was sorry.



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  1. November 6, 2014 8:18 am

    LOL! I do hope that bird lived a long happy love filled life. :)

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