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48 degrees

November 10, 2014

My weather app says it’s 48 degrees outside.  That’s pretty chilly for early November in Florida.

I’m loving it.

Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog isn’t digging it so much.  He’s curled up tightly in his bed, and I’ll probably put his little jacket on him before the night is out.  He’s little and short-haired and he doesn’t have much body fat, so he spends a lot of time shivering pitifully.  I can hear his tags rattle.

Me, I’m not little, I’ve got on layers of clothes and some red slippers (because red is warmer than other colors) and I’m definitely not lacking for body fat.

I am simply better equipped for the challenge.

It’s easy to judge other people according to the lens of our own equipping and experience.  But that old proverb about not judging a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes is very true.

God didn’t design everyone to be just like you.  He didn’t create them to think like you, talk like you, make decisions like you, drive like you, dress like you, eat like you, laugh like you, see like you, desire like you.

And here’s some shocking news:  He doesn’t compare everyone else to you, as if you’ve reached some pinnacle of comparative perfection.  He’s fine with you being you, and equally fine for everyone else to be fully who they are.

He really digs diversity.

Most of the people who don’t think like you aren’t really evil.  They’re just different.

And they all respond to 48 degrees in different ways.


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