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Greige funk

November 12, 2014

I don’t know why some days feel more blah than others, but they do, and this was one. It was that way when I woke up. Now it’s almost time for bed, and it’s still that way.

I trudged through the day at a snail’s place, accomplishing only a tiny fraction of what I’d originally thought I’d accomplish, and dissatisfied with the outcome of what I actually managed to do.

I whined to Jesus about it, because I know He gets it.

I read some excellent higher thoughts in the bible. They didn’t seem to stick, but that doesn’t mean they really didn’t or that they aren’t true. It just means I’m having a blah day and the Feel Effect of what I read was banked for another day. I hope it’s tomorrow.

I went to YouTube and found my favorite kerosene videos.  Am I the only one who has those?  You know…the things you know will pump you up and ignite you and get you moving again.  Caffeine for the soul.

Yeah…that didn’t work so well, either.

The reality is that blah days can be caused by any number of things, most of them temporary and usually solved with a decent meal, more water, more Jesus, and a good night’s sleep. I’m done eating for the day but I’m working on the next two and soon plan to attempt that last one.

It’s days like these when I’m especially glad that God never changes.  He is such perfect light that He doesn’t even have a shadow.  That makes Him an awesome friend for a yucky greige day.

He is the center.

He is the rock.

He is stability.

He is unchanging.

And yet He is merciful, kind, and loving.  He gives hope that tomorrow will once again be full Kodachrome.

I surely do love full-spectrum life.



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