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Tides and waves

November 12, 2014

Every wave rolls in, and every wave rolls out. Each one is beautiful and relentlessly destructive, shoving around the sand or wearing away at the rocks.

It’s funny how the destruction is also creative. Every wave creates a new shoreline. On calm days the changes can be small and barely noticeable. But not every day is calm.  The storm surge that rolls in with a hurricane or typhoon or nor’easter can significantly rearrange the landscape with just one powerful lash.

We humans usually resist change. We look at what the waves have newly created and call it loss.

How is it we so easily miss that we now have something new before us? It has never existed before. There is actually something new under the sun but we’re too busy fussing that it’s not the old familiar to actually appreciate it for what it is. Or to explore it to find out what it might be, or could become.

It’s costly, living life with open hands and an open heart, allowing the waves to mold and erode and shift our lives. Sooner or later something will break loose from its moorings and be sucked out to sea, and we won’t want to see it go. But those same waves will also force the deep to cough up its treasures and bring them within our reach.

We get to choose if we’re going to fight to hold onto what we were never meant to keep.

But when we do, it will almost always be at the expense of treasure that, once gathered, can never be taken away.





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  1. November 12, 2014 8:11 am

    Having experienced this, you are absolutely right. Many times we must let go of what we want, in order to receive what we need, which is almost always something so much better than we had.

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