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November 14, 2014

The world is full of wonder.

I hope you’ve noticed.

It can be hard to keep wonder in the forefront of your mind if it’s already preoccupied with politics and ebola and headline news and what’s-wrong-with-these-kids-today. That stuff wants a lot of attention. It also wants a lot of your emotional and mental energy.

It wants to be bigger than wonder.

You can let it be exactly that. You get to choose how much of yourself you give to the things that cause you stress and anxiety and knots in your shoulders. Of course, you realize what you’ll have to show for that, right?

Stress, anxiety, and knots in your shoulders. Yup…those are the prizes.

I prefer wonder.

Scientists landed a probe on a comet today. Seriously…a comet. And now the probe is sending back information about comet life. Which sounds kind of boring and kind of fascinating at the same time, because I doubt comets are particularly balmy this time of year, but then again, it’s a comet, for pete’s sake, and how cool is that?

Several people I know have had babies over the past few days. Babies are amazing. Little tiny humans grown inside bigger humans, and they come out fully formed but unable to do much more than eat, sleep, poop, and lie around being adored. And somehow, it’s totally enough.

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Fireflies? A saltwater reef? Mt. Rushmore? The milky way? A wooden chair worn smooth by the decades of use? A painting by Monet? A street lined with blooming trees in the spring? Tadpoles? Fireworks? An intricate sea shell?  A snowflake?

Have you heard a baby’s first cries? A mockingbird’s 2:00am serenade? Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? The purr of a cat? A chorus of spring peepers? The roar of ocean waves? The laughter of children?

Have you ever felt the foot-numbing cold of a mountain stream? The warm breath of a sleeping child upon your chest ? The delicious smoothness of silk?  The fur of a puppy? The weathered hand of a person who remembers D-Day? The crispness of line-dried cotton sheets? The velvety kiss of a rose petal? The hug of someone you waited a long time to see?

These are every day wonders. Some are common, but none are dismissible. You won’t often hear about these things on headline news outlets. But that doesn’t make them any less wondrous.

When I let wonder capture my heart, I am quickly and continually reminded that I have a God who is much bigger than the frets and worries of the world.  He sits in heaven and laughs at the schemes of man.  They don’t worry Him at all.

It seems to me that if I’m going to ask Him to help me love what He loves, then I might as well also ask Him to limit my worries and anxieties to the things that worry Him.

Which would be nothing.

This strikes me as an excellent plan.



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  1. November 14, 2014 10:14 pm

    Great post Lisa! You always seem to find the right words at just the right time! I would call that “God kissed.”

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