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Beware the remedies of quacks

December 29, 2014

The world’s a messy place.

I’m ok with that, really; I have little thought that it will be otherwise.  Designed by Deity but fallen and flawed, the entire planet and its occupants are perfectly imperfect.

In other words, expect a mess.  Expect a racket, expect chaos, expect drama, and be slow to judge when those very things show up.  The duck is simply being a duck, folks, and that means it’s not reasonable to expect it to bark or climb trees.

But I take issue with those who believe the Kingdom is the same kind of mess as the world.  Oh, it’s messy alright.  It’s messy because we’re learning and growing.  We don’t start out mature.  But if you follow Jesus, then He changed your nature and that means the nature of the mess has also changed.

We now have the mind of Christ.  But we also have the habits of duckhood.  We gotta overcome those bad boys, but sometimes the process is slower than we’d like. The important part is that we’re facing forward and moving towards the One calling us.

He has ways to help us purge the duckiness from our lives.

If you’re still getting mad about the same things that made you mad two years ago, or if you’re still feeling hurt about the same things you felt hurt about two years ago, you may have an issue with the entrenched thought processes of ducks crowding out the mind of Christ.  And if the same thing that crowded it out five years ago is still crowding it out, you probably need to reevaluate just how committed you are to following Jesus.

If you reevaluate and decide that yup, you’re committed, then something’s got to give.  And it will have to be your right to retain the vestiges of duckishness.  You laid that down when you decided to following Him, remember?  And you didn’t lay it down because He was bossy and said you had to.

You laid it down because you recognized that He is so incredibly non-duck, and that it’s a superior way to think, live, and be.

You were right.  He really is, and it really is.

So if you call yourself His, forgive.  Release those whose bad behavior and hurtful words have caused you pain. Bless those who curse you and cut you off in traffic.  Speak life to the Negative Nancys and the death mongers .  Refuse to be overcome by quacking, or agree with it, or resort to it when it’s happening in chorus around you.

You have a higher thought because you have HIS higher thoughts.  Shake off the feather dust and release His heart and mind.  Release His kingdom.

You’ll draw a whole different sort of flock.



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