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Hidden in plain sight

January 9, 2015

Last night I made a quick trip into Publix to pick up some bananas for Mr. Sparky.  I figured while I was there I should probably also bulk up the freezer supply of Skyline Chili, seeing as we’ll surely be eating it whilst watching the National Championship football game next Monday night.  It only seems right to eat one of our favorite Ohio foods while watching Ohio State play Oregon for the golden cookie.

Except I couldn’t find the Skyline Chili.

I paced up and down the freezer aisle a good half-dozen times.  I know where the stuff is kept in all the other Publix stores where I’ve shopped.  I’d never bought it at this particular store, but I figured it would be planned for a similar spot.

Uh, no.

So I paced some more, looking at different parts of the shelves, places I wouldn’t expect it to be.  Mr. Sparky had purchased it there before, so I knew this store had it.  Maybe there’d been a rush on it.  Maybe all the other Buckeye fans had the same great idea.

I finally gave up and called Mr. Sparky.  And as I asked him where to find it, I looked down at the very same instant he said it was on the bottom shelf of the freezer…and there it was, right in front of me.  I was standing far enough away from the freezer doors that I could see back under the shelf to where a few lonely boxes were stacked against the back of the freezer.

See, there was a run on Skyline Chili at the Publix!  I was right!  That was why I couldn’t find it…there were only a few boxes left, and they were tucked back up under the overhang of the next shelf.

Well, that and the fact that it was on the bottom shelf.  Every other store I’ve shopped has kept it on the very top shelf.

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes life with Jesus feels like that search for Skyline Chili.  And by sometimes, I mean now.  I pace, muttering “I know You’re here somewhere…I just know it…” but there’s just a quiet echo.  And I begin to question…

…maybe You look different here…

…maybe You moved…

…maybe You’re hidden…

…maybe You aren’t here at all anymore…

…maybe I’m looking for the wrong thing…

…maybe I’m listening for the wrong thing…

The truth is that in the end my questions don’t really matter.  Oh, they matter in that He cares that I have questions, but my questions don’t really change anything.  I’m not going anywhere.  I have no other path I care to take, no other voice I care to follow.  I love going to the big party with Him, and boy howdy have we been to some whoppin’ big parties over the past months, but if He’s going to hang out in the broom closet, then I want to be in the broom closet too.

Because He is the big party.




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