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Beyond the map

January 11, 2015

There are days for walking on the wide open fields, and there are days for walking in the narrow valleys.

Sometimes the paths climb upward, and sometimes they dive deep into the shadows.

On one day you may find yourself in the company of many as you trek along.  Blink, and you’re suddenly alone with only the sound of your own footsteps ringing in your ears.

It’s all normal.  Wide isn’t better than narrow, high isn’t better than low, company isn’t better than solitude.  These things simply are, and they change with the seasons.

You will probably find some seasons more pleasant than others.  In fact, there will be times you’ll find the path quite unpleasant.  That’s normal, too.  Not good, not bad.  Just normal.

Don’t ever let anyone convince you that your path isn’t blessed and holy simply because of some seasonal discomfort, whether that discomfort be yours or theirs.  Neither let them convince you that your path is frivolous because you’re having some fun along the way.

God is God in laughter and in pain, in the heights and the depths, in the noise and the stillness of every path.  He restores, He redeems, He rewards.

So face forward and keep moving.  You’ve made it this far…don’t give up now.


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  1. January 11, 2015 10:53 am

    Great post! Something I always need to hear. :)

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