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When will power won’t power

January 25, 2015

So did you make it through the day without doing that thing you were so totally NOT going to do?

You know…bite your nails, eat that cookie, answer that text, play that game, yell at the kids, yell at the dog, smoke that cigarette, watch that video, spend that money, worry about that thing, say that word, fill-in-the-blank?

I think everyone must have at least one of those things they are so totally NOT going to do…and then do anyway.

Here’s a really important question: have you figured out by now that self-spankings don’t work?

It’s a hard habit to break even when you know it’s not helpful.  Nothing like a little self-flagellation to make one run for comfort to a behavior they actually want to give up.  It’s kind of a vicious cycle. But when we think we should be punished and nobody is punishing us, we tend to step up to volunteer for the task.  Even if it’s not really effective.

Yesterday I was thinking about a marvelous thing.  I was thinking about how God knows everything about us, all our faults and imperfections, and yet He sees us as completed and whole because we wear Jesus’ wholeness and perfection.  It’s wrapped over us and around us and it becomes the Most True Thing about us.

So what about those things we are so totally NOT going to do that we do anyway?  The things that seem to prove that we’re not perfect or whole at all?

God is committed to seeing that we get filled up in the areas where we’re not fully experiencing the truth of who we are through what Jesus did.  Our imperfections don’t change how He sees us.  But they do interrupt our ability to live out His good gift with joy and victory, and that tends to make us see ourselves—and God, and the world, and all of life—with a distorted lens. He doesn’t want that for us, and so He hangs with us and works with us until our experience of Him is full and complete.

Which takes every last breath we ever have on this whirling ball of dirt.

It’s a wild thought, isn’t it?  He sees us perfected and complete because of Jesus’s finished work.  And yet we’re on a journey as we bring our daily earth-bound lives in these daily earth-bound bodies into agreement with all that He did.

We’re a finished work in progress.




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