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Step one

February 8, 2015

Once upon a time, there were no smart phones.  Or even dumb phones.

And people mowed their lawns by pushing a little wheeled contraption with whirling blades that cut through the grass.  It didn’t have an engine.

Athletes wore cotton and leather because there were no performance fabrics.

Public speakers grew hoarse because there weren’t any public address systems.

People rode in buggies and wagons pulled by horses because there were no automobiles.

Once upon a time the screen you’re reading this on didn’t exist.  Nobody had dreamed of it yet.

But then someone did.

They dreamed it.  Then they planned it.  Then they created it.

And now it exists.  All the cool kids have one.

Dreaming requires people to think outrageous thoughts.  In doing so they are permit themselves to see something that has never been seen before.  Many dreams stop there.  They’re just outrageous thoughts that roll around in someone’s brain, causing fireworks in the synapses.  Which is ok.

But some dreams are meant to be more.  They consist of visions and ideas that are waiting to be called into existence.

Maybe the Next Big Thing is in you.  Maybe it’s a new song.  Or an invention.  Maybe it’s a new idea that makes old ideas work better.

But it can’t exist until it is seen.

And it can’t be seen until you open your eyes to dream.

Dreams may sometimes seem random, but they are never accidental.


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  1. February 8, 2015 10:52 pm

    Yes, I am trying to invent something that will make me invisible on demand. ^o-o^ lol

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