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The joy rebellion

March 13, 2015

Some days it’s a hard battle to remember that not everything that’s true is the truth.

All it takes is a quick glance and it seems as if the world around me is falling into despair.  The news is horrible, filled with reports of violence and injustice.  My Facebook feed is no better, with re-posts of the most offensive material and memes that belittle politicians and government official and systems.  Our food is poison, our healthcare is poison, our environment is poison, the government is poison.

And nobody seems to know where the ipecac is.

It’s as if the worst of our culture got dredged up from the bottom of some sludge pit and spread around so everyone can enjoy the misery.

I don’t keep my head in the sand.  Some of what I read is true.  Probably a lot of it, really.

But it’s not the truth.

The truth is that God is still in the business of loving people and rescuing them from death.  The gospel is spreading.  Jesus is still transforming lives.  The lights are being turned on in dark people, dark families, dark communities, dark cities, dark countries.  More Light-bearers are born every day.

There is still reason to hope.

We live in this world as foreigners, but we are citizens of heaven.  We do not take our cues from the world around us.  Our legacy is much richer than any built by human hands.  Our inheritance is much richer than any deposited by human empires.  It is a ridiculous thought that we should bow to the fears and anxieties of a finite world when the Infinite and Eternal is ours.

You can choose CNN or Fox News if you like, but I choose joy.


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  1. March 13, 2015 10:15 am

    I choose Joy too. Daily. *hugs*

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