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Packing firepower

March 25, 2015

The tagline of this blog is “It’s always time for something…”

And it’s true.  It is always time for something.

Right now it’s time for a little rant.

Not am angry rant.  Probably more of an exasperated one.  Exasperated because just when I get excited that folks around me are getting it, I discover that they’re not.

Jesus followers love to talk about revival.  I’m wondering just how we’re all defining that word.

Lots of people meeting Jesus?

Lots of people repenting of destructive thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors?

Lots of people getting healed?

Miracles, signs, and/or wonders?

A visitation of the presence of God?

Whatever it is, it seems that plenty of people are waiting on God to move so these things will happen.  Until then we have to keep begging Him for it, proving that we’re really serious about it.

You know…pray more.

Fast more.

Expand the list of things we don’t do.

Expand the list of worldly things we shun.

Worship longer.

Do whatever it is that makes us more holy, more righteous.

As if we have to talk Him into showing up.  As if we have to perform perfectly in order to get His attention.

Sometimes we seem to forget how eager He is to interact with His creation.  We seem to forget how deeply and wildly He loves, and how willing He is to bend to kiss the heads of frail and faulty humans.

And we forget that when He put us in Christ, He also put Holy Spirit in us.

The power, the presence, the glory.  It’s in us.

We don’t have to beg for it to come.  It’s already there, waiting for us to make a draw on the deposit in us.  We are not groveling on earth, hoping heaven shows up.  We’re operating from heaven, where we’re already seated with Christ.

Do you understand that this means?

You are walking revival.


Everywhere you go you take the power of God.  Release it.

Everywhere you go you take the presence of God.  Release it.

Everywhere you go you take the glory of God.  Release it.

And revival will come.  It will come in Walmart and on the bleachers at soccer games.  It will come in your workplace and in the grocery store.  It will come in conversations with friends and strangers.

People will meet Jesus.  They’ll fall in love with Him.  Sin will become amazingly less enticing when confronted with outrageous love.  People will get healed. Signs, miracles, and wonders will occur because the supernatural is God’s natural.

Revival isn’t coming.  It’s here.

Rant over…for now.






7 Comments leave one →
  1. March 26, 2015 6:09 am

    That is a wonderful rant Lisa!

  2. March 26, 2015 10:47 am

    I think you and I are once again reading chapters from the same book. Wonderful encouragement, thank you!

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