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April 12, 2015

There is laundry to do

and so I’ll sort

the socks and jeans

but as my hands are busy

my mind is

consumed elsewhere.

I put fuel in my car

but as I watch the numbers spin

and try not to breathe the fumes

my thoughts are far away

from the convenience store offer

of two hotdogs and a slushie

for three dollars.

I make conversation

with those in my path

and I speak what

I hear you say

but I have not forgotten

what I asked of You

nor am I ready to let You forget.

To the untrained eye I am







feeding cats

but Your eye surely sees

I am like a dog with a bone,

burning for the burn,

unwilling to let go,

unwilling to create a safe no

to buffer the agony of

a tarrying yes.




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