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The heart of the matter

April 22, 2015

Love looks like something.

-Heidi Baker

That means it’s not just a word that sounds nice and tickles our emotions.

Love has active substance.

Love is unconventional.

Love defies logic.

Love is costly.

Love does not need to be loved in return in order to fully be itself.

Love sees evil for what it is: a lack of love.


“I don’t like these nasty people,” she said to me.  “I’d be just as happy if they stayed away from me.”

I knew what she was talking about.  I’d overheard someone be short and snappy with her, and her insecurities had been rattled.  The solution, in her mind, was to avoid the rattling.

We weren’t in a place where I could counter by gently probing about the insecurities.  I heard her orphan heart loud and clear anyway.

We all want to be loved.  When you know you’re loved, really loved, you’re free to love others and it doesn’t matter how they respond.  You aren’t loving them because of their response or how they make you feel.  You’re loving them because that’s who you are.

But if you operate with a scarcity of love, your very identity is at stake as an unspoken question hangs in the air with every relational interaction.

“Am I worthy of love?”

When God has answered your question, you are set free to answer everyone else’s.



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