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May 9, 2015

I did some laundry today.

I didn’t carry the clothes through miles of dangerous territory to a river to wash them in unclean water.  I didn’t have to carry water for the job.  I didn’t have to scrub garments on a rock.  I was in no danger from crocodiles, hippos, or renegade militias.  I didn’t have to go naked because my only clothes were being washed.  I didn’t have to find places to hang the clothes while I waited several hours for them to dry.

No, I just walked out into my garage and turned a dial on a machine.  Water poured into a large tub.  I added detergent from a jug and dirty clothes and closed the lid, and about thirty-five minutes later I came back to clothes that were not only clean, but all the excess water had been spun out of them.  Then I opened the lid on the machine next to the machine that washed the clothes, and I put the wet clothes inside and closed the lid. I turned another dial and about forty minutes later all the clothes were dry.

My biggest inconvenience was that my garage doesn’t have air-conditioning, and so it got a little bit warm out there.  Oh, and I had to fold and hang the clothes myself.  Which I was healthy and strong enough to do.

I am not entitled to do laundry with such safety and convenience.  The fact that I can isn’t even proof that I’m blessed, because many deeply blessed people have to work much harder to have clean clothes, or food on their tables, or safe dwellings.

It is a gift to live in this time and age.  For every terrible thing happening in the world today, there are a hundred beautiful things that the news networks deem too mundane and un-sensational to report.

If you don’t believe me, turn off the news and go look.  You’ll find them.

I promise.

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  1. May 9, 2015 9:12 am

    I, too, did laundry yesterday, though not with such gratitude. Thanks for perspective. Forgive me for my griping, washing machine, when all that had to be done was turning the red hot water faucet in back to ‘on.’ Rivers with crocs don’t have hot water.

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