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Look at it this way…

May 24, 2015

Earlier this week Mr. Sparky and I were visiting the Far-Away Sparkette and her family, and we decided to do a little bit of sight-seeing.

Just to make things interesting we took a two-year old along.  In many ways this is the equivalent of taking your cat along.  Both will refuse a carrier and do whatever the heck they feel like doing, raising a ruckus if you dare be unreasonable and insist they not run out into the street or bite strangers.

Kendall the Magnificent.

Kendall the Magnificent.

That’s Kendall, aka Keno.  He’s everything you’ve ever heard about two-year olds, and then some.

But let me tell you…I love that kid.  He is cute, boisterous, exuberant, temperamental, sensitive, independent, curious, sweet, opinionated, and determined.  Most of all he is passionate.  He is passionate about everything. He does nothing half-way.

Thanks to Keno I learned something about sight-seeing: if you want to know what’s really interesting about a place, take a two-year ing old along.

Two-year olds aren’t overly concerned with facts.  They are, however, very concerned with interesting bugs and rocks.  They are also interested in birds, even if the feeling is not mutual.  Water is always interesting, especially if you can potentially get wet.  Motorcycles and sports cars are of great interest, and if you see one you should make sure everyone around you knows.  It would be terrible if they missed the good stuff while they were busy staring at plaques and signs.

Wonder and joy can be found anywhere.  Even a teeny-tiny elevator module that only seats five when squeezed and lurches you to the top of the St. Louis arch.

Not so sure about this...

Not so sure about this… feels weird...

…it feels weird…


...actually, it's really fun!

…actually, it’s really fun!












There are little windows at the top of the arch.  You can see many interesting things from those windows.


The world is a wonderful place when you look with proper eyes.

We were a long way up.  630 feet, to be exact.

Sometimes you need a little help from your PopPop. And it's nice to have your mom and your little brother nearby, too.

Sometimes you need a little help from your PopPop. And it’s nice to have your mom and your little brother nearby, too.

We didn’t stay at the top for all that long.  I bet you can guess why.  But it was long enough.

On the way out the Far-Away Sparkette let Keno pick out two rock candy swizzle sticks from the gift shop.  One was for him; the other was for his older brother who had to stay home with a fever.  Keno carried them out in a little bag as if they were the world’s greatest treasure.

Of course, to a two-year old it doesn’t get much better than candy.

Thanks to construction, we’d walked a sizable distance from our parking spot to the arch.  Two-year olds are very particular about when they walk and when they get rides.  Keno mostly walked there, but on the way back he decided that maybe “uppies” wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Riding in style.  Not that he's tired or anything, of course.

Riding in style. Not that he’s tired or anything, of course.

His Nana wouldn’t have minded uppies, either, but nobody offered.  Then again, the other grown-ups were already carrying someone, so I guess I can understand.  We wore out the toddler that day.  Rumor has it he slept like a rock that night.  His PopPop and Nana surely did.

I think about scripture and how it says that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven we have to come like little children.  I look at Kendall and see clearly that in spite of his unfiltered human nature, his heart is open to wonder and astonishment.  He is not afraid to believe amazing things because to him, everything is amazing.

It’s good to be mature, but I don’t ever want to be so grown up that I lose the capacity for wonder and amazement.



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  1. May 24, 2015 8:32 pm

    Amen! Sparkette looks like her mom! Love your pics!

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