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Something isn’t always better than nothing

May 31, 2015

I didn’t blog Friday.  I was a long day. It got late, I got tired, I had to get up super early on Saturday.  So I went to bed, and it was a quiet day here at Hey Sparky.

I didn’t blog Saturday.  It was an early morning, a long day, and a delightful evening spent outdoors on the beach at a bonfire with friends, and I arrived home late, tired, hungry, and smelling like wood smoke and salt air (it’s not as charming a combo as you might think).  So I went to bed, and it was another quiet day here at Hey Sparky.

Two days of failing Sparky’s Blog Challenge.

Today was much less activity-driven.  I never left the house, but since the Sparkette graduates high school this week and I have a very busy week with work, guests, and celebrations, I knew I needed to get some chores done today.  So I did that.

And then came the Evil Sinus Headache.

I took some Sudafed and some ibuprofen because I knew the combo would knock out the pain and pressure quickly.  From there I figured I’d shift to more natural remedies such as essential oils to  help maintain, but I didn’t feel like messing around with annoying pain all day trying to get over the discomfort hump.  The Sudafed combo worked nicely and fairly quickly.  Except…

Enter Decongestant Brain Fog.

I’m thrilled I can no longer feel tiny men with jack hammers deconstructing the inside of my face.  But now I am the walking catatonic, mumbling nonsense in my drug-induced stupor, and dodging my own drool strings.

I think this is better?

I was determined that I would not start out this week of the Blog Challenge in failure.  It’s bad enough that I ended last week like that.  But unfortunately that means the Sparky Nation is stuck listening to me ramble on through my own fog bank.

Lucky you.

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  1. June 1, 2015 9:14 am

    Hoping the fog bank has rolled away. I blogged last minute, too, only to start the week right. Still a bit dog tired. Not tired of dog though.

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