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Carmen Sandiego says hi

August 19, 2015

Perhaps you’ve wondered where I am. Then again, maybe not.  But too bad for you, because I’m going to blather along as if you care, so you might as well get yourself a bowl of popcorn and crack open a cold beverage of your choice, just in case I’ve been saving up my words. We won’t really know that until I get to the end of this post and see what happened in the middle.

A few months ago I became weary of the battle to overcome the creative slump.  It’s been almost 18 months, people.  It was eating too much time and energy, and I ended each day feeling sad and frustrated that the best I had to offer was rarely very good.  Or at least, it was rarely satisfying to me.

I had some honest discussion with myself and God about the things I knew were holding me back, and I posed a lot of questions about things that might be holding me back that I’m not aware of.  I needed to know what direction was in His heart about this.  And I decided that until I heard from Him clearly, I didn’t really have much to say.

I’m still waiting.

The waiting can be hard, but that’s ok.  I don’t believe I’ll be waiting forever.  And if I do end up waiting forever, then I guess it didn’t really matter anyway, eh?

Then there came a Complicating Factor.  I had a bit of a health challenge, which mostly turned out to be nothing but a warning that if I want to maximize my time on this planet to do great exploits with God, then I need to do a better job managing my health.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  I vote yes.

Part of that meant fixing up some stuff let go too long, and that meant entering physical therapy.  That’s right.  I’m back in the hands of the Physical Terrorist who helped rehab my knee after I had it scoped in January of last year  Except this time he’s not working on my knee.

Turns out I have some impinged nerves in my neck/shoulder/arm.  It makes portions of my left arm and hand feel numb, and sometimes painful, and sometimes itchy.  I didn’t make the connection between my arm and my neck at first because I rarely have pain in my neck.  But all those nerves that operate that particular appendage come from your neck.  And I already knew from chiropractic visits that I have some cervical vertebrae that don’t stay in place well.

So now we’re working on getting those nerves released and calmed.  Apparently we do that by brutalizing the tissues they run through to get everything softened and more mobile and pliable.  I haven’t cried or thrown up yet, but I’ve come close.

It’s just a reminder that sometimes pain is a necessary part of healing and growth.  I would rather have corrective pain than destructive pain.

It also turns out that my computer set-up isn’t exactly conducive to keeping my neck and shoulders in the best posture.  Laptop computers are inherently bad for that.  Add in a terrible chair and a desk not made for use with laptops, and you’ve got a recipe for postural disaster. I’m trying out using a portable keyboard with my laptop that in theory puts things at a better angle, but it’s not really helping.  Especially since I can’t really run a mouse with this computer (not enough USB ports) which means I have to keep leaning forward to use the trackpad.

I’m obviously going to have to get creative to figure this one out.

While all of this is happening, I’m gearing up for a return trip to Brazil with Global Awakening. Five weeks from now I’ll be finishing the last of my packing, about to discover just how much useful Portuguese I really learned from DuoLingo.  I’m beyond excited!

So…if you’ve been wondering where in the world is Carmen Sandiego and Sparky, I’ve answered half of that for you.  The rest you’ll have to figure out on your own.  When it comes to Carmen, I saw nothing…I heard nothing…

And I haven’t given up blogging.  The Sparky Nation can rest easy on that one.  You’ll no doubt be hearing from me.

Of course, we all know what a mixed bag that bit of assurance is.


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  1. August 19, 2015 10:52 pm

    That was a heap of info! Adding your PT to my prayer list as well as Round Two in Brazil! Love and miss you, my Friend.

    • August 19, 2015 10:55 pm

      Thanks for the prayers! Excited about Brazil, excited about the potential results of the PT even though the process is kinda miserable. Love you!

      • August 20, 2015 8:10 am

        My husband is going through PT right now for spinal stenosis. It has seemed to help.

  2. August 19, 2015 11:47 pm

    I have wondered but not worried :) Glad to hear from you and look forward to whatever and whenever.

  3. August 23, 2015 7:35 am

    Thinking of you Lisa. So exciting to be going to Brazil again, that is one country I haven’t visited yet. Let me know if you need help with the Portuguese. I learn something from your wisdom whenever you post, so I’m glad you haven’t given up on blogging :-) – it’s about quality not quantity.

    • August 23, 2015 10:58 am

      Wow…that’s really encouraging, Regina. Thank you! And Portuguese…whew! Basic vocab is one thing. Learning tenses and genders and all those accent marks is another. I don’t know if it will help me at all, but I’d love to be able to at least understand the gist of some of what goes on around me. But since most of what goes on around me happens in speaking and not writing, I guess I won’t really know how helpful it’s been until I’m there and testing it out!

      • September 1, 2015 1:09 pm

        It’s the conversational aspect to a language that is tricky as only by being in the environment does one’s ear get tuned to the pace of the language. Hope your ear gets well tuned. Brazilian Portuguese has such a gorgeous intonation.

        • September 1, 2015 1:26 pm

          It really is a beautiful language. And you’re right…all the study in the world isn’t the same as actually being immersed in the environment of a language. I need God to tune my ears!

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