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Sock season

October 27, 2015

I just found a sad thing in my clothes dryer: two pairs of my socks.

It isn’t sad to find Mr. Sparky’s socks in the dryer because he goes though 1-3 pairs a day on average, depending on what he’s doing.  Work socks, cycling socks, soccer refereeing socks, be-bopping around socks…lotsa socks.  I’m used to it.

But me?  This is Florida.  I am in sandals or flip flops as much of the year as possible.  I tend to be warm-natured, and when my feet are hot, I feel miserable all over.  So except for the socks I wear while working out, I am sock-free for much of the year.  And if possible, I’m shoe-free too.

Shoes and socks are straight-jackets for the feet, I tell ya.

But this past week my feet were actually in my purple boots twice, hence the two pairs of socks.  And if my feet were in my purple boots, that is a clear sign of a major seasonal change.  The boots don’t come out until the weather has started to turn, and boots also usually mean long leggings, tunics, and maybe even jackets.

More/heavier clothing + boots = winter is coming.

If only all seasonal shifts were that easy to discern.



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  1. October 27, 2015 11:35 pm

    I share your pain, I wore socks for the first time since May this week and I actually wore full length pants too :( Winter is coming. I will add that I live in Vancouver BC and if I were in Fla I would still be in shorts – southern softy :P

    • October 27, 2015 11:38 pm

      Plenty of people are still in shorts during most of the days. I actually haven’t ventured into shorts for years now, but tend to prefer ankle pants and long capris. But for work or evening stuff when the temp begins to drop, I have to drag out full-length pants, and footgear to match. Boo!

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