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It’s not just blurry

October 30, 2015

Lookie here:

Sweepy widdle puppy. Right.

Sweepy widdle jerk-faced puppy.

I know, lousy photo.  Late night, terrible lighting, iPhone operator refusing to use flash.  Ansel Adams I ain’t.

But look at him.  All curled up in his little bed, all 14 POUNDS of him because the once 12-pound wuss dog is getting a little tubby.  Guess having nine bad teeth pulled gave him a renewed appetite.  He is particularly fond of cat food.  He also licks his bed.


I know he looks all sweet and cozy, tucked into a little ball like that.  But do not be deceived.  Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog is suffocating in a cloud of his own pfffft! 

How do I know?  That little bed is three feet away from where I am sitting and typing right now, and I have decent hearing.

I also had a decent sense of smell until about five minutes ago.

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  1. October 30, 2015 7:08 am

    Jake the Jerk-faced Dog….I bet it won’t be long ’til that goes on “Most Popular Dog Names” list. :-)

    • October 30, 2015 8:38 am

      Well, you know how people love to name their kids and pets after celebrities…haha!

      • October 30, 2015 8:47 am

        Give him his own Twitter account and then tweet like crazy. That will get it started. :-)

        • October 30, 2015 11:37 am


          • October 30, 2015 12:06 pm

            You two are hilarious! If I could keep up with my own twitter account…but then again, it would be so much more fun to tweet as a dog!

  2. October 30, 2015 10:00 am

    Bless the Jerk-faced dog’s little heart! Bless your nose. Hopefully all is clear this morning.

  3. October 30, 2015 11:37 am

    He’s blessing you by sharing…

    • October 30, 2015 12:07 pm

      I don’t think blessings should bring THESE kinds of tears to my eyes!

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