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November 27, 2015

It’s Thanksgiving.  Although we have a historical reason for such a holiday here in the United States,  it really boils down to recognizing our blessings and remembering to be grateful.

Last year I wrestled with the dirty bird blues.  This year I enlisted Mr. Sparky’s assistance when I spatchcocked and dry brined the turkey.  It came out beautifully, to say the least.  Cooked perfectly in about 70 minutes, moist and well-seasoned with crackling crisp skin.

This must be a tom turkey, because this is definitely not a very ladylike position for a girl-bird.

This must be a tom turkey, because this is definitely not a very ladylike position for a girl-bird.

I bit my tongue really hard whilst chewing my dinner and I have to admit, I’m not particularly grateful about that.  I am grateful for the dinner, and even for the opportunity to prove that while Mr. Sparky has picked up the bulk of the every day cooking around here, I am still quite capable of reducing my family to a symphony of contented sighs and groans of I-ate-too-much-but-it-was-so-good misery.

While I puttered around in the kitchen this afternoon, my people watched the extended version of The Return of the King and I watched from across the counter.  I’ve actually never seen the un-extended versions of any of the LOTR films, so I don’t know what other folks might be missing.  All I know is that is one incredible film, with an amazing story.  Except for that scene where I have to leave the room because I don’t do little spiders…and so I surely don’t do giant nuclear mutant spiders who chase hapless little hobbits around a dark twisty cave.  That scene alone is enough to make me glad I didn’t attempt to see this film in the theater.  I would have been traumatized.

But the rest of the film is awesome.

Tomorrow I haul myself out into the crazy world of Black Friday retail.  Not to shop.  To work.  This will be my sixth Black Friday, although to be fair my first one in 2010 was cut short because I was really sick, still battling the vestiges of good old-fashioned flu, and while I had the sense to not even attempt to call out on Black Friday, my co-workers also had the sense to send me home as soon as possible.  This year I am grateful for health, and a job, and a vehicle to get to the job, and gas to fuel the vehicle, and coffee to fuel me.  I am not very grateful that the air-conditioner is broken at my place of employment.  It is late November and I will be dressing as if it’s early August…in Florida.  But I have clothes.

I reckon everyone ought to be grateful I have clothes.



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  1. November 27, 2015 12:30 am

    I am grateful you have clothes! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck tomorrow O.o

  2. November 27, 2015 12:49 pm

    Count me in! (The no clothes part). We bought LOTR extended version when each one came out. LOVE THEM! (Even after watching a gazillion times)

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