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Banked promises

February 13, 2016

I stared at the night sky

waiting for you,

waiting for the moon,

waiting for the stars,

listening to the mockingbird

taunt me with the cheerful songs

of midday warblers.

There were no fireworks

or meteors shooting across the horizon,

no flashing of inspiration

to brighten the inky darkness,

and although I wasn’t afraid,

a shiver ran up my spine

as I shifted in place,

sitting on a cliffside rock.

I’d memorized the note you’d left me

and I recited it to myself

every time I thought I might give up

and go inside where it was warm

and there was laughter and companionship

and a game on the television.

You said you’d come.

You said you’d come and

you’d bring me a jacket

and a canteen

and a treasure map for an adventure.

And so I waited in the damp air

of the wee hours,

my eyes growing sandy

and my stomach growling,

willing myself to stay awake

and listening for the sound

of your footsteps.


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  1. February 14, 2016 7:42 am

    Beautiful! Wow!

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