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Tyrannosaurus iPhonicus

July 3, 2016

My phone had been warning me for a while now. The battery began dropping its charge by chunks and would randomly shut down my phone, claiming that it was dead. Except…when I’d plug my phone back in and it would restart, my “dead” phone would be at 32%, or  18%, or 54%, or wherever it was when it decided to feign death. I could hear it snickering and singing nanny-nanny-b00-b00 at me.

Mr. Sparky was a trooper, trying to fix it for me. Between the two of us, we tried every “fix” we read about. None of them actually fixed the problem. Meanwhile, my phone was becoming more and more unreliable. It was irritating the ever-lovin’ mess out of me because I never knew when it was going to roll over and play dead—something Jake the Jerk-Faced dog is yet to do, by the way.

The bottom line is that my once top-of-the-line new release iPhone 5 had become a dinosaur. It was still pretty new when the 5c/5s was released. It was getting a little older when the 6 was released. It was becoming downright geriatric when the 6s was released. When the SE was released, Siri started hollering “EH? SPEAK UP!” to me when I’d ask her to do anything, referring to me as “Sonny” in a shaky, crotchety voice.

It was time.

Today I became the grateful owner of a shiny rose gold iPhone 6s. And AT&T was running a special that if you bought any iPhone, you could get a free iPad mini 2, the kind that can do wifi or cellular, if you’d just pay the recurring fee for the extra line. Well…ok!

And then reality set in.

I alway forget just how terrible I am with learning new tech. It comes naturally to everyone in the family but me. Their brains just seem to intuitively understand how tech things work. I eventually learn what I need to learn, but I suspect I barely scratch the surface of the capabilities of the tech devices I own. It’s pretty remarkable what these little hand-held computers can do…if you know to ask them to do it, and how.

I guess days like these are designed to remind me that gratitude and humility go hand-in-hand.


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