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July 26, 2016

It’s Ridiculous O’clock and I should be in bed, but it’s raining and the sound of the water showering the trees and running off the roof makes my soul so happy it wants to just sit and soak it in. From indoors, of course.

Also, I ate a couple handfuls of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate chips, which was probably a bad idea because caffeine and sugar. I don’t need either. But dang…even though I can leave all the other kinds of choco chips alone, there is something about these that is amazing. That Trader Joe has it goin’ on, I tell ya.

The Sparky household recently acquired a 6′ tall cat tree. In case you are wondering, there are no cats growing on it. There aren’t even any little kitten buds that might one day blossom into full grown felinity. I am not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved about that. Thus far all three cats have explored it to some extent, but nobody seems to want to claim the kitty hammock on the lower level.  Queen Fancypants seems to the the one most often smugly surveying her domain from the upper heights. I’m sure we all look so much smaller from up there.

If we had a Sparky tree, I would use the hammock. Just sayin’. Although I am not sure what would be more entertaining: watching me get into it, or watching me get out of it.

Tonight’s post as been brought to you by a lapse in good judgment when choosing a late night snack.


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  1. July 26, 2016 1:24 pm

    Face it. You’re a night-owl-chocoholic-cat-lovin’-hammock-swingin’woman!

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