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August 14, 2016

I watched him weave a path through the darkness

He knew all the land mines of the night

The sticky knotted webs suffocating broken prey

The blades still dripping with pain

Empty bottles and frozen screens

Brains throbbing inside of sharp-edged skulls

Red eyes squinted in the approaching light

The ground littered with lock-jawed shame.

His fingertips gently brushed the anguish as he passed

His breath suspended in the air

Fear recoiled at his reach

But what his fingers missed his breath did not


I observed him from a safe distance

Then suddenly he was before me

I was reminded there is neither safety nor distance where he is concerned

I lost my breath and could not move as his eyes locked to mine

He reached forward and put his finger on an old scar

Long ago healed and faded and dismissed from my thought

At his touch a gasp escaped my lips as the searing pain resurged

Only for a little while, he said

Only until you’ve remembered well

I realized that I did not want to remember

I did not want to feel that pain again

I wanted to be done

But as he pierced me with his gaze I knew I would never be done

Because I too know the path through the darkness

My blood is soaked into the ground there

He wears me like a glove

I carry his breath

And what his fingers miss his breath does not.








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