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The shoes

August 18, 2016


I had an awesome pair of dancing shoes

They were very expensive but a fine investment

They matched all my clothes perfectly

I never wanted to wear anything else

But then one day a friend asked me to try ordinary shoes

I wanted to say no

I would have said no to anyone else

But this wasn’t that kind of friend

And so I handed him my lovely shoes

He nodded his head towards a pair of faded and worn sneakers in the corner

They didn’t match and they had some holes

It was like lacing sadness onto my feet

They felt like they weighed a ton

And my feet no longer wanted to dance

They didn’t even want to walk to the mailbox

I glanced at the faces around me and then down at their feet

They were all wearing sad shoes

Ill-fitting with holes and broken laces and dangling buckles

Soles encrusted with thick dark mud

Here and there I saw a pair of shoes abandoned

My heart broke

I knew the shoes had swallowed the person who once wore them

Pulled the yes out of their heads

Sucked the breath from their lungs

A person gone for lack of dancing shoes

I turned with tears to find my friend holding out my wonderful shoes

I began to pry frantically at the old pair on my feet

They would not budge until he knelt down and gently removed them

I sobbed as he quietly cradled my feet and replaced my shoes

My feet were once again comfortable

The shoes still matched everything

But my dance was forever changed.









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  1. August 19, 2016 8:47 am

    Your words made me cry. I shall have to think about that. Thank you.

  2. August 19, 2016 9:49 am

    Makes me a bit teary. Thank you. Thank Him for allowing us to remember.

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