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The elements of atmosphere

January 19, 2017

I’ve never understood the weather

or how it is that a day of brilliant sun

can suddenly swirl with violent storms

The birds go silent as

thunder vibrates the atmosphere and

lightning streaks across the darkened canopy

When the ground shakes under an angry sky

there isn’t always time to take cover

and wouldn’t you know it

I’ve left my umbrella

on the floorboard of my car

and I’m not sure where I parked

What I really don’t understand

is how the person next to me

squints behind dark glasses and

slathers on sunscreen

while I drip the fury of the heavens

all over the kitchen floor

I suppose I should have seen this coming

but I didn’t

The sky was so bright when I woke up

that I couldn’t fathom

the blackness of the afternoon to come

I’m a little embarrassed about that

and also about ruining the suede

on your shoes when you stopped

to hug me and tell me

you liked the rainbow over my head

I didn’t have the heart to tell you

that the rainbow is only visible

from the sunny side

and I haven’t seen it yet today.



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