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A better mousetrap

February 26, 2017

How I shop for a vacuum cleaner:

Consult Consumer Reports magazine. Read articles and study ratings. Pull up Amazon and research the results of Consumer Reports’ most highly recommended models, and compare them with the most favorably rated models listed by Amazon.  Narrow Amazon search filters to only show vacuum cleaners listed 4 stars or better.  Thoroughly read all the information about each model, as well as every question asked by shoppers about it. Study consumer ratings for consistent positive or  negative feedback, as well as what the most recent shoppers have said about their experience with the model. Pull up website of the models consumers like most, looking for more information. Narrow contender list by adding the most promising candidates to a secret “Comparison Shopping” wish list I’ve created on Amazon so that I can find them easily later. Google said promising candidates to price-compare. Make trips to any stores to look for any sister models or great sales or rebates.

How Mr. Sparky shops for a vacuum:

“Hey, look what I got! I was in the base exchange and this was $100 off! You’d been complaining about our vacuum and this is a different kind!”

And that, Sparky Nation, is how we came to own a Dyson Multi Floor vacuum cleaner. It sucks, which is a compliment for a vacuum cleaner, and more than I can say for the old Hoover that’s about to get the heaver.

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  1. February 27, 2017 9:59 am

    Ha! The man’s way for sure lol!

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