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Things unsaid

August 16, 2017

Side by side we sat

swinging our legs and kicking our feet

not a word passing between us

I munched potato chips

while you watched ants scurry

around an anthill

Sometimes you would elbow me

and I would lean over to see

a tiny ant carrying a crumb as big as it was

across the ant-miles of the tiny mound

Sometimes I would elbow you

and offer you my bag of chips

You would reach in and pull out a few

And we’d sit and kick our legs some more


I never minded our wordless visits

I heard the birds

I heard the wind in the trees

I heard you breathing

You were there

and it was enough


But I confess

I like the sound of your voice

and sometimes I need to hear it

I know you’re here

and it should be enough

But my ears ache from the silence.







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  1. August 24, 2017 9:22 pm

    Dang, this is so good!

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