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Spray paint and whoopee cushions

November 8, 2017

It’s time to rethink rebellion. It’s time to reconsider defiance.

This may scare you, considering it’s coming from the purple-haired chick with the tattoo.  But consider that my hair isn’t solid purple, and I only have one tattoo (thus far), and hear me out, please.

I spent a lot of my life being a follow-the-rules sort of person. In some ways, I still am, because I believe in honoring order and proper authority. But as I look around me, I see systems and cultural habits of brokenness, and frankly, I just don’t dig playing along with that sickness. It’s the dastardly plan of darkness.

And darkness is not the boss of me.

I’m not talking about engaging in denial. Truth is, we have so much to grieve, worldwide. The shootings, the bombings, the violence…the loss of innocence and the cultural upheaval. These are just a few of the painful realities that surround us and demand our attention.

But I’m over it. And I’m weary of the implication that choosing joy is offensive to those who are victims of sadness, whether by choice or circumstance. The whole idea is laughable, but most of us are too confused by the whole thing to dare crack a smile. We can still “weep with those who weep” without losing the perspective that life, even when hard, is good.

It’s time to rebel against the expectation that we live immersed and dripping with negativity. It’s time to stop creating space for hopelessness in our minds and then feeling justified when it shows up at the door and moves into our personal attic space, pooping in the corners and spray painting graffiti on the walls.

It’s time to rebel against the notion that the bad things that happen are more powerful than the good things that happen, and those bad things are worthy of our energy in the form of anxiety, fretting, and Chicken Little-ism.

It’s definitely time to rebel against the notion that we’re powerless against the dark pressures of life.

Because we can fight back. We can fight back with joy.

Joy is a weapon. It’s powerful stuff. It has substance and weight, and in an instant it can snap a chain that was too heavy to move just moments before.

I’m talking about real joy, here. I’m talking about finding reasons to entertain light thoughts, higher thoughts. Refusing to entertain joy-sucking people and situations. And by situations, I mean 90% of what is on your TV and Facebook newsfeed.

The people posting all those cat videos aren’t so far off, really.

Laughter is holy defiance of a subtle but very real evil agenda.

So find some funny stuff…and lighten up, Francis.



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  1. Ann Thiede permalink
    November 8, 2017 12:06 pm

    Thank you for putting joy on my mind this morning! 😘💕😸

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