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The Glorious Undone

April 17, 2019

Day by day,
moment by moment,
I walk about
without a second thought
concerning my respiration.
Air in,
air out.
It’s not on my to-do list.
It just happens,
even if I forget.

But then there are the moments
of holy ambush,
of heated intention,
of surprise-by-combustion,
when I casually exhale carbon dioxide
but then inhale fire
straight from your lungs
and it rushes at once to my bones.
Instantly I am burning alive,
my knees weak,
my marrow white hot,
and I am undone
as all I once held dear turns to ash
and is gone with a windblown kiss,
and all I now hold dear
is alive and coursing through my veins
like a violent river of flames.

This is my cremation,
ignited from the inside out,
desperate to exhale these furious flames,
desperate to die on this altar,
desperate to live for this burning.

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